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Worms Armageddon is an all-time best strategy game. It is one of those games that you can't just squeeze into a single category, because the game is so rich that it would not be fair to do that. For those who have never played any Worms game, this masterpiece puts you in command of an army of worms who have a variety of weapons. The goal is simple: kill all the worms from the other teams before they kill you. The game allows you to play against the CPU and against human opponents as well.

One of the best achievements of this game is the ability to limit the amount of weapons and even decide on certain weapons pack to play the type of match that you feel more comfortable with. Let me explain that. There are nearly 50 weapons that you can use to annihilate your opponent. Some of them are overkill and too easy. So, in choosing the weapons that take more planning and skill to use, you will be looking at longer matches and more exciting finishes.

In my case, I played this game almost every day for a year when I was a teenager. A bunch of friends and I would just play 1 on 1 or take turns. And there are many different ways in which you can win. You can somewhat destroy the environment around your enemies and there are even crates of ammunition and explosives that you can target if you are cocky enough. With some of the weapons, you can easily dig a tunnel and hide from opponents. But there's a time limit for each turn, so if you don't shoot and try to hide, you better make it quick. There are plenty of levels that range from a small full-screen level to levels that force you to scroll the screen several times. I even remember having to add a 16-megabyte memory card to my computer for the first time so I could run this game. Boy was it worth it. Even though graphics might not be note-worthy these years, they were back then. And even if the graphics are not on par with what you like nowadays, the strategy element will definitely drag you in. The game is no longer sold independently. You have to purchase one of the packs. They all come with several games, and the cheapest is around 10 dollars.

José Fernández
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